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Erman is 40 years old and was unemployed for 18 months before before joining the Software Developer Bootcamp in July 2021, where he learnt Full Stack Development.

Once he left the course, he started working for a marketing and promotions company as a Tester and more recently, has progressed into a role as a Software Developer at a training organisation

Erman had been learning different areas of programming and development in his spare time using online platforms and resources, which inspired him to join Opportunity Sheffield's Sector Routeways: Digital programme which is available to unemployed people across the city. The scheme is funded by the European Social Fund and operates in partnership with the Department for Work and Pensions to offer claimants a short ‘bootcamp’ approach to retraining. Erman was interested in joining the programme, seeing digital as a growth sector full of many opportunities. He applied via Sheffield City Council and was accepted onto the training course.

Challenges Overcome

Prior to starting on the bootcamp, Erman had spent 4 years trying to learn the skills he needed to be successful in a programming role. Much of this learning was through online training programmes that required a lot of motivation as the learning activities were challenging to work through and were often recordings that didn't enable the opportunities to ask questions or ask for help if needed.

Erman had also become unemployed just as the first lockdown began. Erman tried to approach companies in Sheffield for an opportunity to work as a Junior Developer and although he was invited to a couple of interviews, he was not successful. He applied for many roles in this field, often not receiving an acknowledgement of his application let alone confirmation that he had not been successful. This had a really negative impact on Ermans confidence to continue his dreams to becoming a programmer. On joining the bootcamp, Erman vowed that this would be his last attempt to get into the industry.

The bootcamp gave Erman the opportunity to learn more about different languages that he hadn't focussed on previously, and benefitted from the support of the staff at the Developer Academy to give him guidance, feedback on his work and opportunities to meet with different employers.

Erman said "Joining the Developer Academy Sector Routeways bootcamp enabled me to regain my confidence in my skills as an employee as well as contextualise my prior learning into real work scenarios that have helped me to be successful in my role as a Software Developer. I was so close to giving up and this bootcamp gave me the belief and connections that I was missing."

Sheffield City Council operates Sector Routeways short bootcamps across a variety of industry areas for adults looking to retrain: Construction, Engineering, Manufacturing, Digital, Care and Telecom Fibre. To find out more about the Sector Routeways scheme please email: sectorrouteways@sheffield.gov.uk

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