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What makes our training stand out from online coding courses and bootcamps? We've included the best aspects and put them into our course offerings.
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Why Lean to Code with
The Developer Academy?
Our bespoke training can help anyone get into a career in coding including jobs in: web development & software development, in just 4 months, for an affordable price.
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Flexible learning

Our coding students have complete flexibility in when, where and how long they learn. This means they can carry on with any work or other commitments they might have, while still building their coding skills and improving their career opportunities.

Face-to-face guidance and support

Our computer programming students really value having on hand real-time guidance and support from our instructors who can help them tackle any coding issues they face or share their knowledge whenever they need it the most.

Tailored Programming topics

Our courses can be as unique and individual as you are, because every student can pick the coding topic or topics, they’re most interested in and just focus on those from PHP. C+, Python, Javascript, HTML, to CSS. Students can switch to another subject if they decide to expand their knowledge.

Local careers networks

We’re always talking to local employers to find out what kind of coding skills they need for the sector to thrive. We understand what the market wants – and we help our students to fill this employment gap. We only teach the coding languages and skills that Sheffield City Region actually needs! A career in coding can provide a salary from £22,000 upwards.

From Engineer to Software Developer. ''I started looking around for a course or maybe going back to college part-time, but that’s quite difficult to do when you’re working full-time. I did find some bootcamps online, but it didn’t fit my lifestyle''
Michael's Coding Story | Learn to Code | The Developer Academy
Software Developer
Online Coding Courses | Learn to Code | The Developer Academy

Web Development

HTML, CSS, JavaScript. We’ll teach you everything you need to know about building websites, from planning to troubleshooting and maintaining security.

Online Coding Courses | Learn to Code | The Developer Academy

Data Science

Python and R. Data science is a multifaceted field used to gain insights from complex data. You’ll learn to ask the right questions, manipulate data sets, and create visualisations to communicate results.

Online Coding Courses | Learn to Code | The Developer Academy

Software Development

C#, Javascript, Python, R, PHP, MySQL and much more.  Learn the skills you need to design and build software based on the end-user’s and employers needs.

Online Coding Courses | Learn to Code | The Developer Academy

App Development

Android, Swift, React, Angular, Node.js. Learn how to build mobile apps for iOS and Android.


Neil Bizzell

Director of Education

Neil  is our lead instructor and Director of Education. An experienced Computer Science Teacher, he brings a broad in-depth knowledge to students and ensures our content meets employers & students requirements.

Hannah Sewell


Hannah is a Senior Developer at In-Part. She brings a wealth of real world experience and knowledge to the academy and valuable insight for students.

Stephen Tomkins


Stephen is a Computer Science teacher the UTC in Sheffield. 

Sokratis has a Bsc in Computer Science and is studying his PHD at Sheffield University. 

"In just 2 months, I've learned Python for Data Science and I'm now learning C# before starting my first portfolio project to cement this knowledge. I can't wait to learn as much as I can."​
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Software Developer

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