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Different Ways to Become a Developer

A breakdown of the different avenues you can take to build your knowledge and eventually land a developer role within the tech industry.


5 Benefits of Remote Learning

With working and learning from home now a part of the 'new normal', we thought we would break down the many benefits of remote learning.


Top 4 Programming Languages for Games Development

A breakdown of some of the best programming languages for game developers and why they have such a hold on the industry.


We have joined the Tech Talent Charter.

Being committed to diversity and inclusion we are excited to be a part of the TTC.


Making AI Make Sense For South Yorkshire SME's

We've partnered with SYMCA to help access funding for AI tools and training. Read how ....


Networking for Newbies and Career Changers – is it worth it?

Networking is always a vital part of growing business connections. In this article Amelie de Candle (our Recruitment Manager at The Developer Academy) share her experiences and advice to help you out.