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Luke Craggs had tried some online coding courses but found they didn’t give him the motivation he needed to get on the right path towards what he wanted – a job in tech. Then he discovered The Developer Academy and now feels prepared for a start-up position.

I can learn use my commuting time to learn to code on the bus

Luke says:

‘I’ve been interested in coding for quite a long time. The first time I probably coded was at ‘A’ level. Then at university, I did little bits here and there and afterwards the interest was always there. I went on to get a job that wasn’t coding-related but I still had that interest.

Before I found The Developer Academy, I tried a few online courses. I went through some tutorials using those. I found it difficult with those types of courses to keep my motivation going. When you hit a topic you don’t like or can’t get your head round you get a bit stuck.

Now I’m learning computer programming with The Developer Academy, if that happens, I can talk to someone and can usually get past it quite well. I’ve also found the guidance you get really useful. When I first started to learn coding, I was just learning Python, but it was only after I started on The Developer Academy programme, that I branched out to learn other languages as well. So now I’m learning C# (C sharp) too.

I found out about the training programme when I saw online some of the events they were doing. I didn’t go to the events but that was how I found out what they were doing but I looked up the company and got in touch with Ben and took it from there.

The thing I most value about the training is the guidance that you’re given. Through this support and advice, I’ve had the chance to work in other areas or develop other projects which I might not have done initially.

Just having that advice to help you to try to focus what you’re doing on towards the skills and areas that are most valuable to the industry has been really helpful. I came in with the idea of getting a job in tech so I wanted to really focus down on those aspects.

The teaching you get is tailored but at the same time it’s fairly relaxed. You come in and you talk about what you like, you see what issues there are and the instructors then recommend what to do next. It does help but it doesn’t feel like it’s tailored at the same time; it feels like a natural progression.

When I was learning on my own, I’ve had some issues – things that I don’t understand. But coming here, I can get the help to be able to figure things out. I try and come every Tuesday evening and Saturday morning group sessions – Saturdays are especially good for me.

I often do a lot of my learning on the bus too! I travel to and from work on the bus which is about a 40-50-minute journey each way, so I get my laptop out and dial up the code or read a PDF textbook on that. I still do study at home but most of it happens at a time that otherwise would be wasted when I’m commuting.

I think I’m at a good point with my coding skills now. I feel competent enough in certain languages not that I’ll come away thinking I know everything – that’s still a lot to do.

But I feel ready to take on a start-up position in coding. I feel like I’m at a good place. I’ve got four projects now in my portfolio, the latest one being a group project developed with someone else.

I’m really pleased that I came to The Developer Academy. I do feel like I’m getting good value out of the programme. Just having that extra help and guidance to push and direct you is what makes it worth it for me.’

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