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Aalya's Coding Storyunderline

When and how did you start getting interested in coding?

I was introduced to coding in secondary school as a part of computer science curriculum. I absolutely love everything about it. It felt exciting and empowering.

Did you try other coding courses before becoming a student with the Developer Academy? If you did, tell us a little about your previous experience of learning to code?

During my time at the university, as an engineering student, I continued coding mainly in C++ and MATLAB. Coding was an essential part of my student life, mainly to analyze data and control hardware.

What attracted you to the courses and made you want to sign up?

After completing my masters, I took a few years break to raise my family. During this time, I came across an introductory web development course called Tech Set Go run by the DeveloperAcademy. I immediately signed up for it and it made me remember how much I loved and missed coding. By the end of the course, I was able to build my very first website and found the whole experience quite enjoyable. When Ben, our course leader told me about the part-time bootcamp at TDA, I was very excited. Mainly because it was part-time and remote which workedperfectly around my schedule. Also having previously taken part in their Tech Set Go course, I was quite positive about their teaching methodology and the support I will be receiving during and after the course.

Once you started training, what did you value most about the teaching?

During the training, we were learning new topics every week and although it was a bit intense inthe beginning, the tutors were knowledgeable and dedicated to help. Between sessions, we communicated over the slack channel about the challenges we were facing in our projects, and Ireally benefited from their experience and expertise.

What was the best thing about the Developer Academy?

The support I have received during and after the training have been remarkable. I am grateful to have enrolled at TDA. It gave me the steppingstone that I needed to get back into the tech industry after a career break and begin a career as a software developer. 6.Where are you at now and how did you find your job?Having just completed the bootcamp, I am now actively seeking software developer position in Sheffield. Ben has been very supportive throughout this process: going through my CV, sharing information on vacancies and other local opportunities. I feel prepared for a challenging and rewarding position in the software industry in 2021.

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