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3rd October 2022

Open – Apply Now


9th January 2022

Open – Apply Now


The Developer Academy are pleased to announce we have been selected by The Department for Education to delivery a fully funded Data Science Skills Bootcamp as part of the Government’s Plan for Jobs.

Skills Bootcamps are the modern, practical way to build your skills to get the job you want.

If you’re aged 19 or above, in work, self-employed, recently unemployed or returning to work after a break, and looking to quickly increase your skills in a specific area and fast-track into a new job or get ahead with your current employer, a Skills Bootcamp could be the right choice for you.

Industry Led

Our course is designed with industry and constantly updated to match the skills employers tell us they want.

Career-first approach

Throughout the course, you will build a portfolio of projects to showcase your skills to potential employers, with seven specialist career sessions led by our Student Engagement team.


You will speak regularly with Student Engagement Executives to ensure you are progressing, to work through any issues and arrange 1-2-1's should you need them.

Not Just Coding

We don't just teach you to code, we teach the fundamentals and how you can problem solve, work better in a team, working remotely, what it's like working in tech and how to shine a light on the soft skills that make you stand out.


Transition from a beginner – with no prior experience – to a job-ready Data Scientist in 12 weeks on our remote, full-time data science bootcamp. 

You will learn through 12 weeks of labs, real life exercises and projects. You will also get access to a range of career support services, networking opportunities, a guaranteed interview and real job opportunities with Twinkl or Deeper Than Blue.

Our aim is to prepare you for the real world – what industry needs now and spend a lot of time asking companies what specific skills they look for and then design our curriculum to include learning activities that help you master each key skill.

In this course, we will cover:

We ask potential students to complete some prework to ensure they understand the fundamentals of mathematics and data science, used and covered on the course.

This should take no more than 20 hours to complete and provides you with the right starting point to maximise your learning on the course.

Phase 2 focusses on Python, the coding language used throughout our course, covering Strings, Loops, Functions, Numeric data Lists, libraries such as Numpy and Matplotlib, Pandas and much more.

Phase 2 also covers business skills – these are the important ‘soft skills’ employers tell us they struggle most to find in junior data analysts.

In Phase 3 students cover advanced subjects such as SQL, Machine Learning, Working with Big Data, Cloud Technologies (eg. Google, Dataproc, BigQuery), Neural Networks (Google, AWS and Azure). Natural Language Processing, Text Vectorization.

There’s also a Machine Learning project to cement your knowledge and put what you’ve learned into practice.

Phase 3 is where students learn about Big Data, Docker, AWS, Non Rational Data Bases, Spark, APIs and work in groups of 3 or more on a real, green-field team project of their choosing. 

There’s no better way to consolidate & extend your knowledge and prove what you can do to potential employers. 

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Our Reviews

Based on 10 reviews.
Choon Meng Yap
Choon Meng Yap
I joined as their first data science cohort in March 2021 and finished in August 2021 over the course of 24 weeks. I like how the bootcamp is open to all regardless of your educational background, and I feel supported throughout the programme as there is a dedicated Slack channel for all students and instructors. The class size was small, about 4-5 people which keeps it easy to ask questions to your instructors. The instructors were also experienced in their industries so you can be sure you're getting a quality education. I would recommend this to anyone interested in pursuing a profession in software engineering or data science, whether you're looking to upskill or change career.
Lena Mohamed Osman
Lena Mohamed Osman
I joined their part-time Bootcamp. I greatly enjoyed this course and learned so much an amazing experience, I learned to deliver multiple Web Sites ( Games, Restaurant Booking System, Library Archiving System, Shopping web sites, Bloggers websites, portfolio,..etc). I Would highly recommend it to anyone.
Aalya Banu
Aalya Banu
I joined their part-time bootcamp in June and just finished it last week. Amazing how far I've come. The curriculum does a good job of developing a working knowledge of Html, JavaScript, CSS, React, etc as well as backend stuffs. Their positive and inclusive learning environment and dedication to help you post-bootcamp is worth recommending. I feel prepared to get a job in the software industry.
Ella Watson
Ella Watson
I started with the Developer Academy to learn basic coding skills and to understand more about the different languages used. I was made to feel really welcome, supported and encouraged. It was a nice, relaxed environment but with structure supplied by their online learning platform. I now have a much better understanding of things like HTML, CSS and Javascript
George Craig
George Craig
I joined the Developer Academy at the start of 2019, a few months later I had the skills to gain my first job in software development. They have very friendly and knowledgeable teachers with a flexible style to learning. Also provides great advice for job hunting in the tech industry, including CV writing, interview preparation, and code test coaching. Would highly recommend to anyone.
Vincent Greene
Vincent Greene
Great environment, great crew. Accommodating, welcoming, and personable. Come on by and meet all different types learning at all different levels.
Veraanalo Analo
Veraanalo Analo
My experience at the developer academy was an awesome one starting from the lessons to the support everything was amazing and interactive. It gave me starting point for my software development journey and I loved every bit of it.
Talha Sehgal
Talha Sehgal
Great experience. Comfortable and casual learning environment.
Emily C
Emily C
Thanks to the Developer Academy I now have a programming job that I love. The tutors are friendly and supportive with an excellent knowledge of the broader tech industry and what employers are looking for.
Alex Saddington
Alex Saddington
I was struggling to learn coding on my own. Thought boot camps where far too expensive. This place is affordable, lets me learn at my own pace and time. Plus I enjoying going to the sessions .

Online learning done right

Our live, instructor led online course has been designed with students in mind.  Course instructors and your peers are just a Slack message away whenever you need extra help, so your learning doesn’t stop.

You will have lifetime access to our Learning Management System, recordings of all live lessons,
course materials, resources and be able to collaborate with one another.


An experienced industry expert will lead the curriculum and live online lessons via our learning environment.


Our Coordinators ensure your experience is a positive one. Got questions? Need finance advice? They’ll guide you.

Career Coaches

You’ll have access to expert career coaches, whom you’ll work with until you start your first job.

where our graduates work


A data science bootcamp is a short course that teaches everything you need to enter the market successfully. At course completion, you will leave with a portfolio of projects to show at interviews, in addition to knowledge and skills. We also provide access to career support services and networking opportunities to help you hit the ground running.

We believe that with the right motivation and determination, almost anyone can become a successful data scientist. However, understanding mathematics at a basic level and a passion for data and visualising information are valuable assets to hold.

Starting salaries for Junior Data Scientists range between £20,000 and £25,000. As you move up the ranks or into a consultancy role, you could earn £72,000 or more.

Holding an understanding of maths at a GCSE level is advantageous. This is because the language you will be working with in your daily tasks will revolve around numbers. We can discuss this during the application process; alternatively, email us for more information.

No! Knowledge of coding is not required to gain a position on our data science bootcamp. We are more interested in passion rather than pre-existing coding skills. If you have that, you’re ready for our course.

Data Scientists look for points of interest or patterns in a set of data to answer specific questions. For example, you would search through data to piece together why the company you work for has suddenly increased or decreased in sales. You would then present this data to colleagues to help drive key decisions. There is more information available here

Yes, companies in nearly every industry can benefit from data analysis, from healthcare providers to retail stores to fast-food chains. The insights that data analysts bring to an organisation is valuable to employers who want to know more about their consumers or end-users needs.

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