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Blog: Making AI Make Sense For South Yorkshire SME'sunderline

AI technology seems to be moving at a relentless pace.

Everyday there's a bunch of new tools launched promising bigger impact than the last.

This is causing some businesses to worry about the future. Whilst other's are taking advantage of the benefits AI and these tools offer.
One thing is for certain though, AI is not going to go away anytime soon!

Your business has two choices:

  1. Put it's head in the sand and keep grinding away in your business
  2. Understand what tools can help, and where they are best used to help your business grow.

And, if you prefer option 2 - then we're here to help!
We know AI tools offer great benefits. We've worked with other businesses to put them into the processes they use. We use them in our business daily.

AI offers great efficiency and cost savings across the following business areas:

  1. The sales process
  2. Managing meetings and appointments
  3. Business reporting and data insights

Many SME businesses use one, two, or all three of these areas. Which does yours use?
And there's lots of business interactions these can help improve. Such as:

  • Lead generation
  • Document handling
  • Invoicing
  • Coordinating meetings
  • Taking meeting notes
  • Sharing follow up action
  • Tracking sales
  • Stock control
  • Financial forecasting
  • Risk management
  • .. Plus many more!

If you're a South Yorkshire based SME, and are ready to understand the benefits of AI tools in your business, there’s two ways we can help you right now:

1/ Book an AI Review Meeting = £49* (one-time payment)

We’ll arrange time to meet with you and your team. Where we can chat through your business, your goals, and the three business areas above. Then, we’ll deliver a PDF report detailing where and which AI tools can benefit your business.

2/ Book a Setup and training day = £45* (Per day required)

Once you have your report, we'll book time to setup the tools for you. And we'll create training for your team. This means you get expert support to setup and run the tools. Depending on the report, training may require 1-3-days to deliver.

N.B. * All prices are excluding VAT

Got questions, or want to arrange a review date?
Just email Ben Atha here