Why virtual learning is helping our students thrive

Whether you are upskilling as part of your job or are looking to change careers entirely, learning remotely is a fantastic way to take control of your future. 

We’ve seen online courses where students read or watch videos and then take a quiz at the end of each module. Our courses are far more immersive than that. You’ll leave our classes fully proficient, with a portfolio to demonstrate your skills to prospective employers or evidence your learning to your team leader. Not only that, you’ll have full access to our career coaches to increase your employability further.

How does remote learning work? 

Learning remotely is the most convenient method of upskilling, particularly in the current climate. Rather than attend a physical school or college, you sign in to your classes via your computer or laptop. From here, you can: 

  • Access live lessons from industry professionals
  • Engage in hands-on activities
  • Build a portfolio
  • Gain full support from your teachers. 

Whether it’s a question about a set project or submitting your project for review, everything is accessed virtually.

What are the advantages of remote learning?

  1. Learn around a full-time job
  2. From your home
  3. Access to fantastic teachers 
  4. No travel fees
  5. Community access
  6. Learn by doing
  7. Leave the course with a portfolio
  8. Hone your CV

Let’s look at these in a little more detail.

Our online courses are scheduled around your working hours

Our students are either upskilling as part of their professional development in their current job or are looking to change careers entirely. Either way, many students cannot achieve their goals because classes usually take place during the working day.

That’s not the case with us. All of our courses take place in the evening, so it doesn’t interfere with your work life.

Improve your productivity by studying in the comfort of your own home

Some students struggle in traditional learning environments. With remote education, you can learn wherever you are most comfortable. The benefits of being in a relaxed atmosphere when learning include improved communication and a more enjoyable experience overall. Given the current global situation, learning from the safety of your home is an additional bonus.

Our instructors have real-world experience

The last thing you need is to learn from an instructor who hasn’t worked on a project in years. Our tutors come from a variety of backgrounds and are actively working in the industry. As the saying goes, you learn to be the best, from the best.

Save £££ on travel

Whether it’s petrol money or train or bus fare, you’ll save money through virtual learning as you only have to travel from your sofa to your laptop. You’ll also save time which can be put towards further study. 

Join a community of like-minded people

We are predisposed to want to be part of a group, so when you are accessing a new field, it can feel quite lonely at times. Our courses will introduce you to people with the same passion for coding and development, introducing you to a community of people taking the journey with you. You’ll get to know each other through the course as well as have access to our slack channel, growing your industry connections even more.

We believe in learning by doing

You’ll find that learning with us isn’t a passive activity. Whether you are interested in software development or data science, don’t expect your lessons with us to be passive. You’ll be putting our remote teaching into practice straight away to get as much out of the experience as possible.

Classroom tasks become your portfolio

Perhaps the most infuriating thing to hear when entering a new industry is that you didn’t get the job because you don’t have enough ‘experience’. We hear that so often, which is one reason we include portfolio creation as part of our courses. You will be able to showcase your skills to potential employers, evidencing the calibre of your ability.

Students leave our courses with a winning CV

We want to give our students every chance of success, which is why we provide free access to our career coaches as part of their course. You’ll be able to discuss your CV, find the right opportunities for you and more; we will work with you until you land your very first job.

All of our courses are currently available via remote learning. Find the right course for you and apply today:

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