Where To Start If You Want To Retrain As A Web Developer?

Having a career in web development is rewarding, you get to spend your working day coding websites and apps that are part of everyday life, on every device. 

If you believe that you have the desire to retrain as a web developer, it can be confusing for some. You’re going to hear the words HTML, Javascript, CSS, React and Angular – these are just a few of the terms you will hear throughout your training and career. 

The traditional way to learn how to code was during a college or university degree, like many of our teachers here at The Developer Academy. However, more and more people are choosing to learn how to code outside of the traditional routes. People are willing to learn on their own through free resources and developer bootcamps like the ones we run. 

There are many free resources available on the web and there are many options when it comes to developer courses and bootcamps, so it can be difficult to know where to start. In this article we will outline the first steps you need to take to retrain as a web developer. 

To start with, you need to keep it simple. HTML, CSS & JavaScript is what makes a website. We recommend that you learn this to begin with. Below we will give you a brief overview of each one. 

HTML is the structure

Hyper Text Markup Language, or HTML for short is the structure of a website – you could call this the template. If we imagine that a website is a building, HTML would be the foundations of thay building. We write HTML to build the barebones of a website. 

CSS is the look and feel

Cascading Style Sheets, or CSS for short are the look and feel of any website. If we refer back to the building analogy, CSS is the paint on the walls and the position of your sofa. 

We link CSS to HTML elements in order to style and position various parts of your page. For example, to change a “contact us” button blue.

JavaScript = Functionality

JavaScript acts as the logic behind a website. If we refer back to the building analogy, for the final time, it is the central heating system turning on when the building is cold. 

Writing JavaScript allows a website to do things such as submit contact forms to an email or serve certain data into your site. 

The prospect of retraining to a different career can be daunting, regardless of age or your previous job experience. In Summary, start CSS, HTML & Java to build your foundation as a web developer. Remember to keep it simple when you are starting out and learn the basics. 

If you’re looking to learn in a more structured environment by fully qualified developers with years of experience in teaching beginners how to code, The Developer Academy is here to help you. 

We are currently taking applications for our online bootcamps. This is a part time software developer bootcamp, which lasts a total of 24 weeks.

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