The 15 Highest Paying Jobs That Will Earn You £100k Before You Turn 35

According to job site Indeed, ‘Data Modeler’ was the highest paid job of 2020. This should come as no surprise with us becoming increasingly dependent on technology through the impacts of COVID, and 41% of 2020’s newest millionaires coming from the tech sector. 

What might surprise you is that you could be earning that £145,000 Data Modeler salary before your 28th Birthday.

The Developer Academy analysed over 500 UK LinkedIn Profiles for the highest paying professions in order to find the career paths that can fast-track you to earning £100k before you hit 35. 

We took the average salary for each of the highest paying roles, along with the average number of years needed in further education (FE) and years of employment experience that it takes to earn six figures.

Below is the list of the top 15 highest paying jobs that will earn you £100,000 before you’re 35*.

CategoryJob TitleAvg UK SalaryYears in FEYears in WorkYears To reach £100kAge at £100k
TechTableau Developer£108,1123.84.2826yrs
TechVirtualisation Engineer£100,9242.26.48.626yrs 6months
TechData Modeler£145,7265.24.19.327yrs 3months
TechData Scientist£120,5295.14.29.327yrs 3months
TechUser Experience Researcher£118,2614.75.19.827yrs 8months
MedicineSpecialist Orthodontist£96,4057.7310.728yrs 7months
IndustrialVice President of Engineering£95,9123.87.311.129yrs 1month
MedicineNeonatologist£95,1838.92.611.529yrs 5months
TechSecurity Project Manager£124,2084.17.511.629yrs 6months
TechActive Directory Engineer£114,0004.17.711.829yrs 8months
BusinessVice President of Sales£104,0462.61214.632yrs 6months
BusinessChief Commercial Officer£98,2723.411.414.832yrs 8months
MedicineNeurosurgeon£95,3279.16.115.233yrs 2months
FinanceChief Financial Officer£115,4675.410.816.234yrs 2months
FinanceTax Partner£127,3574.612.817.435yrs 4months

Wealth in the Tech Sector

Tableau Developer was the top ranking career, taking less than four years of further education and an average of just over four years of work experience to reach a 6 figure salary.

In close second was Virtualisation Engineer, followed by the highest earning career of Data Modeler.

50% of the careers most likely to earn you £100k are based in tech, and the industry is only getting bigger and more prominent. For any aspiring billionaires, research clearly shows that tech is the best career path for you.

Do You Need A Degree?

In order to follow the majority of the careers on this list, the biggest challenge is knowing what kind of experience and qualifications are required.

“Our research shows that a career in technology can be achieved through a variety of pathways, including on-the-job training, self-learning, and home learning courses.

“Just 38% of the high-flyers in data have a degree in Computer Science, while 40% of Virtualisation Engineers didn’t go to university at all.

“University can be helpful to get you ahead, but there are other options. If you’re looking to change to a new career path that requires a degree, or other similar qualification, bootcamps such as our data science bootcamp can be a great way to work and learn at the same time.” says The Developer Academy Owner, Ben Atha. 

*This age is based on starting Further Education in the required field at the age of 18.

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