Success stories

After 19 years in engineering, I'm now in my ideal job, a software developer at Razor. Learning to code with The Developer Academy has all been positive from day one, what I really liked about their approach was the flexibility – that everything is tailored with help from the instructors.
After completing my masters, I took a few years break to raise my family. During this time, I came across an introductory web development course run by the Developer Academy. I immediately signed up for it and it made me remember how much I loved and missed coding.
Before I found The Developer Academy, I tried a few online courses but found it difficult to keep my motivation going.
The thing I most value about the training is the guidance that you’re given. Through this support and advice, I’ve had the chance to work in other areas or develop other projects which I might not have done initially
I tried a couple of times over the years to teach myself using online resources, I ​spent hours reading and watching videos, I did not find myself quite comfortable with them, as I had many questions and needed help in some of the tasks.

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