Should you become a web developer in Sheffield?

Whether you are stuck in a job that isn’t as rewarding as it once was, or you have recently completed a college course and are contemplating your next step; web development is a rewarding career path. 

From front-end developers who translate a business into an online platform and make it really stand out, to back-end developers who interact with servers and help bring a front-end developer’s visions to life; there are multiple pathways you can take as a developer. 

If you’re interested in becoming a web dev but are a little unsure, perhaps this post will help. We have comprised some of the most common questions from people contemplating coding as a career path.

Is web development still in demand in 2020?

Some industries have been negatively affected by the rise of coronavirus. Web development is one of the few sectors that have seen a positive impact. With businesses putting additional focus on their web presence in response to the national lockdown that took place earlier this year, the demand for talented web developers is high.

Just do a quick Google search to see that there are a multitude of roles available in Sheffield. From junior developers to roles that require more experience, web development is still very much in demand in 2020.

Do web developers get paid well in Sheffield?

Average salaries will vary depending on location. In Sheffield, where our school is based, developer salaries range between £21,000 and £36,000 depending on the role and experience required. The average salary for web development roles in Sheffield is £25,000. 

Are web developers happy?

A review conducted by CareerExplorer found web developers to be in the top 43% of careers in regards to measuring happiness. Of course, enjoyment, progress, work-life balance and working atmosphere all contribute to how happy you are in your role. 

While we can’t possibly know whether every web developer is happy, we can point you to some of our previous students and where coding has led them: 

What are the disadvantages of being a web developer?

We love web development, but it’s only fair that we highlight what some may consider to be disadvantages of this type of career as well as the many, many benefits:

  • Web developers sit for extended periods – So you must have a fantastic workspace set up and take regular breaks.
  • Not every project will be your dream – As with any job, there will be projects you feel incredibly passionate about and others that don’t strike your interest. However, both will require the same level of dedication.
  • It is a fast-paced environment – Be prepared for projects to change swiftly and to multitask often.

You’ll never learn it all – Code is continuously growing. Whatever web development role you take on, you will always be expanding your knowledge.

Is it hard to become a web developer?

Hard is probably not the right word. Anyone can learn to code, but it takes time, patience, passion and determination to become an excellent developer. It is the type of career where you will constantly be learning, so having a love of education is also a desirable trait.

Is it hard to get a job as a web developer in Sheffield?

As we’ve mentioned previously, there is a demand for developers in Sheffield at the moment. With so many businesses shifting online, or those who are already taking up digital space implementing additional resources, we expect that the demand will continue to grow.

It never hurts to have a friend in the industry – someone who knows your strengths and personality and can connect you with businesses where you can flourish. When you become a student at Developer Academy, we don’t stop at teaching you coding. We will help you hone your CV and introduce you to people we know who are searching for someone just like you to join their team. 

What qualifications do you need for web development?

You don’t need to be educated to degree-level to enter the industry as a developer. Instead, employers are looking for evidence of your technical and creative skills – this is where our software developer bootcamp can help. The great news is that you will be creating this evidence throughout your course with us.

Once you have harnessed a working knowledge of code and creating web pages (either from the front or back-end), and have a creative portfolio, you will be qualified for a role in coding.

How long does it take to train as a developer?

The length of time required to train will depend on the course you undertake and how much you’re willing to put in. With our part-time bootcamp, for example, we will teach you everything you need to know in just 24 weeks.

If we have convinced you to take the leap into an industry you are passionate about, why not apply for one of our developer courses to give yourself the best chance of success? We are passionate about equipping web developers of the present and the future. So, whether you are starting from scratch or already have a working knowledge and are looking to progress, we can help you achieve your coding goals.

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