Our coding courses and pricing are completely flexible

Our coding courses combine evening and weekend face-to-face, instructor-led group sessions with flexible online modules. We provide the expert support you need while allowing you to move as fast as suit your circumstances. We focus on the coding skills local tech employers actually want, to help you launch yourself on a successful new career.

You can complete our flexible learning programmes in as little as four months. All you need is a desktop or laptop, an internet connection and a desire to learn. 

Membership fees are £285 a month – much lower than bootcamps and lower than some online only courses. You pay monthly and can stop and restart your membership. There are no loans or long-term commitments.

This gives our students access to:

  • Our online courses 
  • All instructor-led group sessions (3 x 3 hour sessions totalling 9hrs a week of face to face tutor time).
Our students can stop and start their training at any time, to fit their learning around their life and work commitments. 

How does this compare to bootcamps?

Most bootcamps are full-time, 9-5 Monday to Friday. This provides 37 hours per week of face to face tutor time but costs £6,000. This training works out to cost £14 per hour. Compare this to our training which costs just £7.91 per hour.

What’s more, our training is flexible so you can attend as many or as few group sessions as you like, depending on your work or life commitments. If you need to take a break you can, then pick up your studying where you left off.

How do our computing programming courses compare to online learning?

Online courses such as freecodecamp.org and khanacademy.com are free. But they do not provide students with support. If you get stuck, have a question or simply need help with the questions, you’ll have to Google and consult with someone who will know the answer. 

Some courses such as codecademy.com pricing starts at a monthly fee which can range from £5 per month to £150, depending on the support and course content. These courses are often better than the previously mentioned free ones but drop-out rates are still very high and you may still have questions or learn something employers aren’t looking for. 

Other courses charge a monthly fee of £350 a month and offer 1 hour a week Skype calls with a mentor who can answer your questions and offer guidance. However, they do not provide any guidance about what skills and coding languages local employers are looking for. They also only focus on teaching the coding skills but being a developer is much more than coding. It also includes the ability to solve problems and a willingness to learn. Other soft skills play a huge part in who does and doesn’t get hired. 

How much can you earn following on from our coding training?

There’s huge demand for developers nationwide in the UK, with tech companies and other companies looking to industry 4.0 and more efficient business practices. 

On average, new developers earn £20,000 – £25,000 and can expect to be earning upwards of £50,000 after 3 years’ experience. 

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