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Lena’s Coding Story

When and how did you start getting interested in coding?

I had a great chance of attending ​high​ school equipped with computers. My first language was BASIC and the first assignment I remember was to calculate a bunch of numbers. Ever since I developed a great interest in coding.

Did you try other coding courses before becoming a student with The Developer Academy? If you did, tell us a little about your previous experience of learning to code?

I tried a couple of times over the years to teach myself using online resources, I ​spent hours reading and watching videos, I did not find myself quite comfortable with them, as I had many questions and needed help in some of the tasks.

What attracted you to the courses and made you want to sign up?

Before I enrolled at the ​Developer Academy, there was a quick introduction into Web development, and how they are designed and deployed. It really capture me. With the help​ and guidance ​I received, I decided to continue my study at the ​Developer Academy

Once you started training, what did you value most about the teaching?

The lecturers are amazing. They have a great personality and are always willing to help. They will continue to explain things until you understand them and they are very flexible.

What was the best thing about the Developer Academy?

The Course material is easy to digest and structured well, the Slack community is amazing, tutor support service is outstanding, mentors are highly knowledgeable and very helpful

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