How big is the digital skills gap in Yorkshire?

You probably already know that the UK has a digital skills gap which is affecting the country’s productivity. 

In the tech sector, this trend is also leaving many people who would love a job and to build a career in digital, without the skills that they need to achieve their goal.

If you want a coding or data science related job in the tech sector as a web developer, software engineer or data science expert, what skills do you really need to get a foot in the door, if you live in or around Sheffield?

Let’s take a closer look at the facts and numbers, compiled by independent education charity The Edge Foundation in its ‘Skills Shortages in the UK Economy’ bulletin, that you need to know. 

Plus, we’ll reveal the path that you can take to a better job you really want, that will also help to plug the nation’s digital skills gap!

Education is the way forward

The Open University Business Barometer investigates the skills landscape of the UK highlighting current and future skills shortages, based on a sample of 950 senior business leaders.  

The report published in July 2019 reveals that 34% of businesses surveyed experience the issue of finding digital and ICT skills in the workforce. This gap is growing too because in 2018 this number stood at 28%. 

Looking at the Yorkshire and Humberside region, the skills gaps across all sectors continue to widen. 

From 2018 to 2019, the skills gap locally increased from 58% to 72%.

The report examines some solutions to resolving these challenges. 

Education is a key factor.

More than half (53%) of senior business leaders across the nation reported increasing their education budgets in the last 12 months by an average of 10%. 

Businesses are looking to invest in talent within their workforce

Many employers used to rely on buying in fresh talent to bridge any skills gaps they might have had. 

The report highlights how this focus is changing, with 71% of employers thinking that developing their existing workforce is a more sustainable approach to getting the skills they need.

What’s more, developer training which allows employees to fit their education around their work and personal commitments – which is exactly the type of training we provide here at The Developer Academy – is favoured by three in five (58%) of employers because they believe it is less disruptive than other forms of training.

Help for local businesses

We’re proud to be an accredited Skills Bank provider. Skills Bank is a project which provides employers in the region with funding for training to help their businesses grow. 

One business that’s already benefited from our training solution for their staff is Jepson & Co. 

Testimonial: Jepson & Co

“We identified the need to develop our in-house IT department, providing them with the skills to develop and maintain our own custom software solutions that would improve productivity and communication across the business, aid growth and automate tasks and processes.

The Developer Academy put together a flexible tailored training solution we could do at our own pace, around our day job, meaning we didn’t have to stop working to upskill. We’ve saved thousands in development and maintenance costs when compared to working with a third-party provider, building software that was customised to our business needs.’

Visit our business page to find out more about our business training solutions and Skills Bank.

Help for you to get your dream job in coding

The ‘Skills Shortage in the UK’ bulletin goes on to report that although many businesses consider investment in their workforce’s skills to be a key solution towards getting the skills they need, more than three in five (62%) expect that they will struggle to find talent with the right skills in the next 12 months.

This is where you can step in right now to help meet this need for digital skills – and start your journey to becoming a qualified coder, software engineer or web developer!

We talk to local employers constantly, so we understand the local tech job market inside out.

We only teach the skills and coding languages that we know these businesses really need.

With us, you can:

  • Learn around your existing work or personal commitments
  • Train at your own pace, focusing on the topics you’re most interested in
  • Get tailored, real-time tuition support and advice to make sure you stay on track
  • Create your own coding portfolio to share with employers
  • Get 1-2-1 career advice and introductions to relevant tech companies

Want to take your first step towards a coding job? Book a call with us today!

Book a call back with one of our advisors who will answer your questions.

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