Everything you need to know about being a front end developer

Front end development is a fast-paced, ever-changing environment. There is always something new to learn and, perhaps most importantly, is the type of role that will always be in demand. If you are considering training as a front end developer, this post offers everything you need to know from what skills you will need to possess to salary expectations. 

What is front end development?

A front end developer has creative ‘control’ over a website or app. Whatever you see from page design and layout to a clickable button, that will be the work of a front end developer. 

When we say creative ‘control’, we don’t necessarily mean they have the final say in how something looks or where it is placed; however, it is their responsibility to take a vision (whether their own or someone else’s) and see it through to fruition.

Additional responsibilities may include performance reporting and testing; however, that will depend on the type of role you apply for.

Is front end development in demand in 2020?

With the growth of mobile applications, especially from a retail perspective, and an increased move to online advertising in response to Covid-19, front end development work is in extremely high demand. Whether you are looking for a dev role in an agency setting or client-side, there is a pool of opportunities waiting for you.

Front end developer salary 

The expected salary for a front end developer will, of course, vary by experience, location and job title; however, the average wage is approximately £37,000; with starting salaries ranging around £26,000 and higher-level roles paying about £56,000.

How hard is it to become a front end developer?

Hard is probably not the right term to use. Anybody can learn the necessary skills to become a front end developer. However, the role requires continual learning, a keen eye for detail and a positive attitude towards problem-solving. One typo is all it takes to break your code. Additionally, the internet and audiences are evolving at a remarkable pace, so you must be prepared to train and adapt your practices throughout your career regularly. 

A successful front end developer must be committed and unafraid of hard work. 

Is front end harder than back end?

Harder is a relative term. While both routes require a logical approach to problem-solving, front end developers require more creativity and understanding of user behaviour to meet their goals. Whereas back end developers need to understand how a server thinks to improve performance.

What do I need to know to become a front end developer?

The core skills you should learn and continually seek to perfect to begin a career as a front end developer include:

  • Javascript
  • HTML
  • CSS

This will stand you in good stead to land your first job and hit the ground running before investing in further training based on the tools and processes utilised by your employer. 

A lot of potential employers will want to see some sort of proof that you are proficient; therefore, having a portfolio to hand will be a huge advantage. When you invest in one of our coding courses, we will help you develop a portfolio that showcases your ability.

Should I take a front end developer course?

If you are 100% convinced that you want to go down the front end developer route, then a course will give you the kick you need to get going. However, if you are deciding between a front end, back end or even a full stack developer career, there are courses you can take that cover all aspects of coding and dev work. 

In fact, a course that covers more than one speciality is even more advantageous because it will teach you how best to communicate with other departments. Trying to problem-solve with a back-end developer is much more difficult when you have no idea how they operate or what their role includes.

Whether you know for sure that you want to be a front end developer or are still contemplating your options, our courses will give you the knowledge and skills you require, including your own portfolio of work, to help get you on track for a job in dev work. We will even help you hone your CV and put you in touch with our network of businesses currently recruiting people like you.

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