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Emily’s Coding Story

Teacher to Software Developer. 

When and how did you start getting interested in coding?

A year ago I was looking to make a career change, and I happened to meet several people who worked as programmers. It struck me that they all talked about how much they loved their jobs, and I got inspired to have a go at it. I previously had a freelance job in a totally different industry and I was looking for a more structured lifestyle and a new challenge. I didn’t come from a technical background so I didn’t know if I would be any good at coding, but I started having a go at some online tutorials and quickly realised that it really suited me. 

Did you try other coding courses before becoming a student with the Developer Academy? If you did, tell us a little about your previous experience of learning to code?

After I’d been learning to code for about a month I realised I needed a bit more structure if I was going to pursue it seriously, and the only option I knew was to enroll on a bootcamp, which I did. However, once I got there I found that it didn’t suit the way I needed to learn. Most of the other students had more of a background knowledge of computer science and I found that I wasn’t being given the time or opportunity to learn the basics. I was also concerned that I wasn’t getting any careers advice or support, and when you’re coming from a completely different job like I was, you really need it!

What attracted you to the courses and made you want to sign up?

Once I decided that the bootcamp wasn’t right for me, I looked to see if there were any training courses in Sheffield and came across the Developer Academy. I saw that they operated differently from a traditional bootcamp and immediately felt that it was a better and much more supportive environment.

Once you started training, what did you value most about the teaching?

It was a calm and friendly environment with enough experienced tutors on hand that there was always someone to ask about any issues. I had already done a lot of coding by this point but I didn’t have any projects that I could show to anyone. The tutors at the Developer Academy helped me to work on some small projects that I could present in a portfolio.  When it came to the stage of getting interviews, they spent time with me helping me to prepare for interviews, which was something I’d been concerned about, so that was incredibly helpful and gave me a lot of confidence going forwards. They also put me in touch with local recruiters.

What was the best thing about the Developer Academy?

The support and advice has been absolutely great. Even after I got my job, they stayed in touch to check how I was getting on.

Where are you at now and how did you find your job?

I now work as a software engineer with The Curve Consulting in Sheffield. I was introduced to them by The Developer Academy, following which I had an informal interview, and they then gave me a technical test to complete. I love working there – it’s a small and close-knit team, and they have some really exciting projects happening. I’m learning new things all the time and the team are really supportive of me as someone new to this industry. I feel like I’ve landed on my feet, and a lot of that is down to The Developer Academy and their knowledge of the industry and local businesses and what they’re looking for.

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