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Advance your career with our 12 month Junior to Mid-level developer fast track programme.

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7th September 2020






2 days (9am-5pm) a month for 12 months


Tuesdays & Thursdays 9am-5pm


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FastTrack your junior developers progression to a confident mid-level developer with The Developer Academy’s 12-month, 2 day a month course.

Led by two, current senior developers who’ve created an industry best practice relevant curriculum covering Version Control, Communication/Specification Writing & NFRs, Estimation, Testing, Infrastructure: Cloud, On Prem, Containers, and much, much more…see the full curriculum below.


There’s so much more to being a developer than coding.

Our students learn how to interact with clients, proactively put forward suggested improvements, problem solving, testing, how to complete tasks fairly autonomously and how to accurately estimate and plan work to become confident mid-level developers.


Our online Learning Management System is where students access the live sessions, course materials, resources and collaborate with one another.

Students gain life-time access to the platform and all our future resources & tutorials. Some of our alumni also mentor current students, another important skill for developers to master if they wish to become seniors.

4 Core Phases

Our course is structured in to 4 core phases covering Planning, Requirements & Problem Solving, Version Control, Design Patterns & Libraries, Infrastructure, Cloud & Containers, Testing, APIs and Best Practise.

During Phase 1, students learn how to breakdown and solve problems methodically. This will focus on elements of using debuggers, breakpoints, logging and other practical tools available to identify and solve problems.

They will also gain a thorough understanding of how to plan out the implementation of work, pick the correct tools/libraries for the task, and utilities.

During Phase 2, students will understand the importance of communication within a development team; being able to work in iterations and breakdown own work, to work with others and distribute tasks sensibly, to support peers in problem solving and guide more junior peers through everyday tasks, and produce accurate estimation of work. 

During Phase 3 we look at some of the common challenges around developing more complex applications.

We take a look at methodologies for managing configuration and secrets. This Phase also looks at best practice approaches to solving common problems such as Concurrently, Scheduled Processes and the role of alternate implementation in systems with multiple components

During Phase 4, students will learn how to build RESTful APIs, from the basic mechanics of a REST API all the way through to tackling design challenges such as versioning, pagination and HATEOAS principles.

Students will also be introduced to Docker so that they can build repeatable development environments that can be shared with their colleagues. FInally this module will cover aspects of performance and device testing.

Get help when you need it

Course instructors and your peers are just a Slack message away whenever you need extra help, so your learning doesn’t stop.


An experienced industry expert will lead the curriculum and live online lessons via our learning environment.


Our Coordinators ensure your experience is a positive one. Got questions? Need finance advice? They’ll guide you.

Career Coaches

You’ll have access to expert career coaches, whom you’ll work with until you start your first job.

entry requirements

This course is intended for junior developers and those who wish to advance their developer career, you should of completed a coding bootcamp, Apprenticeship, Computer Science Degree or be working as a developer in the industry.

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