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Our coding courses and pricing are completely flexible

Coding skills are no longer reserved for the IT department – they are fundamental for professionals in manufacturing, engineering, law, marketing, finance and beyond. Programming digital skills, such as web development, app development, software development and data science are essential for anyone who wants to thrive in a modern business environment.

Even the most basic business functions benefit from an understanding of programming. From enhancing productivity and communication across the business to making a small change on a website or updating content in an app, proficient programming digital skills help reduce costs and improve business efficiency.

How can coding help your business?

The Developer Academy will enable you to get started with and develop programming skills that will help your business in various key functions including: 

  • Improving Growth: From developing new products and services to engaging new business markets, coding skills can help you understand and develop apps, websites, web apps, data insights and visualisation tools that help your business grow. 
  • Improving Productivity: From Cloud based CRM systems for sales people to access valuable data on the go, to product tracking and document automation systems, understanding the full potential of technology will improve productivity and efficiency throughout your organisation. 
  • Enhancing supply chain networks: Coding skills can benefit supply chain partners in a number of ways including diversification, training and development activity, joint working/collaboration to source products or services and financial savings, and creating or expanding networks.

  • Raising Ambition: Expand your opportunities to upskill your existing workforce, take on or increase the number of apprentices, offer work placements, work programmes or work experience opportunities to people from diverse backgrounds and experiences to increase ambition and open new possibilities.
We identified the need to develop our in-house IT department providing them with the skills to develop and maintain our own custom software solutions that would improve productivity and communication across the business, aid growth and automate tasks and processes. The Developer Academy put together a flexible tailored training solution we could do at our own pace, around our day job, meaning we didn’t have to stop working to upskill. We’ve saved thousands in development and maintenance costs when compared to working with a third-party provider, building software that was customised to our business needs. The instructor is very experienced, and the delivery style was very positive. The training continues to have the desired impact and as a result, we continue to receive regular, weekly training to develop more skills.
Testimonial: Jepson & Co

Are you eligible for funding to train your employees?

We are proud to be an accredited Skills Banks provider. Skills Bank is Sheffield City Region Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) project that provides employers with funding for training that will help their business grow.

Sheffield City Region is inviting applications for Skills Bank, a project that provides employers in the region with funding for training that will help their business grow.

Skills Bank is a flexible pot of funding that can provide bespoke tailored training which directly meets the needs of employers and enabling them to choose the training provider they use.

How to apply for Skills Bank funding

If training for you or your employees would help your business to grow, you may be eligible for funding towards the cost.

We can work with you to understand how an investment in training can support plans for growth and how to apply for funding with the Skillsbank. Simply complete the contact form below with details of the training you require and we will get back to you.

If you would like more information about Skillsbank, visit scr growth hub/services/skills, call 03330 00 0039 or email growthhub@sheffieldcityregion.org.uk.

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