Why learn software development?​

Did you know that software developers are some of the most in-demand employees in the world and this trend is set to continue into the next decade? In the UK, over 5.5million people work in the Software Engineering and the sector generates 23% of total national turnover.

The industry has a significant skills gap. It’s predicted that by 2025, the UK sector will need 1.8 million new engineers and technicians. It’s a fast-paced, dynamic and constantly evolving sector – and we can help you become part of it.

What does a Software Development Engineer do?

The primary role of a Software Development Engineer is to write and test high-quality code, and solutions across all layers of a system. Depending on the needs of individual businesses or organisations, Software Developers or Engineers may also be responsible for a range of other technical or organisational tasks, including integrating existing software products and getting incompatible platforms to work together.

Online Coding Courses | Learn to Code | The Developer Academy
Online Coding Courses | Learn to Code | The Developer Academy

What will you learn with The Developer Academy?

Our training only focuses on the coding skills that local tech employers really want.We’ll teach you these programming fundamentals, including basic JavaScript, HTML, CSS, basic HTTP, Linux, jQuery to C#, Javascript and Python, and PHP.
We’ll help you learn these in-demand skills to kickstart your new career. We also make sure you get hands-on experience working on projects that will grow your skills and create a portfolio you can share with potential employers.

What’s special about our training?

Our job is to help you retrain for a job in tech. 

We’ll introduce you to a range of coding languages, concepts and in-demand skills and then you decide which subjects or areas you want to focus on. 

Our training has 3 big advantages compared to other coding courses, because it’s:

  • Flexible: you’ll learn at your own pace
  • Tailored to your interests: no set curriculum, you decide what to learn.  Start on Data Science and Python, then switch to Web Development, Software Development or App Development.
  • Market-driven: we only teach skills with real-world value, that local employers tell us they need.
Online Coding Courses | Learn to Code | The Developer Academy



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