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We believe that with the right motivation and determination, almost anyone can learn to code. But people are put off coding because of misconceptions and other barriers.

Many people think tech companies are only interested in graduates with Computer Science degrees. This isn’t true. Tech companies are interested in your coding skills, not your qualifications. Other people think you need to be a mathematical genius to learn coding. This isn’t true either. Basic mathematics is all you need. 

If people do look into learning coding, they see a choice between full-time bootcamps or online only courses. Most people haven’t got the luxury of being able to give up work for months to do a bootcamp or find the £5,000-6,000 upfront fees. Online courses are cheaper, but quality is patchy, there’s little support and dropout rates are high. And you might find you’ve learnt coding languages that aren’t relevant to local tech vacancies.

That’s why we developed a programme to fit around real-world work and life commitments. Our approach combines face-to-face, instructor-led group sessions with flexible online modules. We provide the expert support you need while allowing you to move as fast as suit your circumstances. We focus on the coding skills local tech employers actually want, to help you launch yourself on a successful new career.

You can complete our flexible learning programmes in as little as four months. All you need is a desktop or laptop, an internet connection and a desire to learn. 

Membership fees are very affordable – much lower than bootcamps and lower than some online only courses. You pay monthly and can stop and restart your membership. There are no loans or long-term commitments.

Flexible learning

Group sessions are held on evenings & weekends, so you can attend as many or as few as suits you. The online modules allow you to decide when and where to study.

Online Coding Courses | Learn to Code | The Developer Academy
Online Coding Courses | Learn to Code | The Developer Academy

Face-to-face guidance and support

Our instructor led evening and weekend group sessions provide support & guidance to keep you focused and on track.

Local careers networks

We’ve got great connections with tech companies in Sheffield. We will help you build an impressive portfolio that demonstrates the skills you’ve acquired.

Online Coding Courses | Learn to Code | The Developer Academy

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